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New projects undertaken

One of the main strengths of SMC lies in its flexibility and simple customization. A single SMC license can be used with different configurations to answer different data transformation and hand shaking needs. Below are some examples of configurations developed with SMC for different clients.

SMC in BDL, the Central Bank in Lebanon

BDL has acquired 2 professional licenses of SMC, with full training and is currently using SMC as the main middleware in 2 environments:

  • National Payment System integration at the level of the Central bank:
  •     a. BDL-RTGS interface with core-banking
        b. BDL-CLEAR interface with core-banking

  • Other messaging systems interfacing:
  •     a. FXD automation and reconciliation (MT200, MT210, MT320 and MT300)
        b. MT950 generation

SMC for the Lebanese National Payment System

  • SMC for LNPS is a cost effective, flexible, fast and secure package based on the SMC core and optimized to answer the requirements and specifications of the Lebanese National Payment Systems as defined by the Central Bank, Banque du Liban (BDL).
  • SMC has helped banks in Lebanon integrate seamlessly and with record time to the new RTGS and CLEAR requirements of the central bank, including SGBL for CLEAR.
  • As the central bank is now introducing the PAYGOV, another standard in the Lebanese Payment System targeted at Governmental institutions and Agencies, new configurations will be provided to the banks, allowing them to make use of the same SMC license to integrate to PAYGOV.

SMC for SEPA , the SINGLE EUROPEAN payment area

  • The SEPA Pack configuration for SMC was adopted by SGBCy. It enabled our client to fully integrate with SEPA (Debit & Credit) within a record period of 5 weeks, which included the development from scratch on the Interface Pack for SEPA as well as the configuration packs.
  • The solution includes integrating with the backoffice by accepting and returning back MT103 Swift messages, and converting them to the MX Swift formats.

SMC for Forex

The solution included:


  • Receiving all outgoing MT300, 320, 200,210
  • Automatically generating MT300, 320, 202
  • Automatic reconciliation of Forex deals
  • Generating MT messages directly from Reuters tickets

Nostro/Vostro Accounts

  • Receiving and processing MT950 for Nostro
  • Reconciliation with Backoffice data
  • Generating MT950 for Vostro from backoffice data

SMC for ATM: buffering ATM requests

A proposed solution for a client included a special SMC pack to handle and manage overnight ATM requests. This configuration enabled the client to upload, on a special database, the account balances of ATM cards, and SMC would handle the requests that are sent during the night when the Core Banking is shutdown.
At the start of the next working day, SMC uploads the new balances along with the accounting entries to the back office.
The solution includes interacting with IBM websphere MQ, and the configuration of all the mapping needed to translate data between the ATM card service provider and the back office.

SMC for CSD Messaging (Securities)

Midclear, the main Lebanese national CSD, used SMC as a middleware to integrate incoming SWIFT messages (ISO 15022) with their back office system and automate all securities traffic with complex message and business rules.They used the SMC mapping module to process the MT messages:

  • MT 540 to MT 547
    (DVP operations and confirmations)
  • MT 564 to MT 567 (Corporate Actions)
  • Intellimonitor was also used for validation and for alarm generation with email notifications sent directly to their clients.


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