transform SWIFT messages into data
integrating your own business rules
monitoring and tracking information
empowering straight-through-processing (STP)
segregating ownership of data



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ABOUT SMEX technology Solutions

SMEX specializes in consultancy and integration of data systems, and more specifically our SMC application empowers banks and financial organizations to efficiently use the Straight Through Processing capabilities, transforming data to/from their back-end applications and the various standard messaging systems.

While assisting through all the cycle of a solution, from consultancy, to integration, training, operations and support, SMEX uses SMC as a core product to provide you with complete solutions for the:

  • Integration with the National Payment System (RTGS, CLEAR, PAYGov)
  • Swift Traffic Automation - internal, national or cossborder, including payments, securities, documentary credits, forex. etc.
  • Integration of heterogeneous systems with different formats and environments to allow for Straight Through Processing and reduce human error.

SMC has proven to be the ANSWER for IMPLEMENTING customized solutions with a fast and reliable schedule, due to the versatile platforms it supports:

  • Support for major database management systems including Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2
  • Support for industry standard data transport packages including web services, IBM MQ, File Transfer, FTP
  • Support for a wide range of data formats including SWIFT MT, MX, Flat Files, XML, database tables

SMEX caters as well to your professional training and consultancy needs and offers specialized in-house sessions, providing your team with solid knowledge of the different systems and financial topics including Securities, SWIFT technologies and the National Payments systems.

We partner with key consultants and experts in the Lebanon, ensuring that the knowledge is targeted towards the Lebanese market and is customized to introduce you to the best practices and the latest regulations of the banking and securities sectors.

SMEX offers:

  • Training course on-site, including theoretical training and applied cases
  • The documentation and material required for the training
  • A certificate of attendance for attendees having taken part of the full training


Palm Plaza Center, 4th Floor

Mtayleb Main Road - El Metn


P.O. Box 1390 Beit Mery

Tel/Fax: + (961) 4 928812